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What is GiveLo?

GiveLo is a website that helps support the Peterborough community by making it fast, simple and convenient to buy gift certificates for local businesses and make donations to local non-profits. GiveLo makes it easy to give great gifts and support the Peterborough community at the same time.

GiveLo is 100% local! It was conceived and created in Peterborough by people that live right here in this community.

Giving locally helps build and support a strong community
We believe that local businesses and charitable organizations are binding agents for a strong community. They create employment and promote a healthy Peterborough by sponsoring the arts, the environment, social justice, fitness and family activities. Through local businesses, customers are able to access unique goods and services close to home, explore new and international cuisine or find comfort in old favourites. Peterborough’s downtown core is the perfect place for people to come together, be creative, strengthen old friendships and create new opportunities. Local grassroots and non-profit organizations reflect collective values and serve local needs; they’re essential ingredients for supporting the growth and preservation of a happy community.

Let’s keep it local!

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